The Complete Beginner's Guide to Writing, Recording & Promoting Rap Music!

You know that feeling you get after noticing you've really improved your rapping skills?

Haven't felt that way in a while?

...Well, prepare to get that feeling once again!

Introducing Rap Fundamentals, the course designed to teach you how to rap better fast!

An open letter from Carlos Bonett, author and founder of

Dear Aspiring Artists,

I've spent years working for myself and for others in the field of music and when it comes to new emcees I've noticed that one of the biggest problems aspiring rappers face, is simply coming up with things to write about, and then figuring out how to write about them well.

I've gotten over a hundred emails asking for help on just this topic alone!

One day I realized that there was no way I would be able to provide all the information new MC's need to know without assembling a complete course...not just a "how to rap book".

So I went to work, and 4 years and countless revisions later I'm glad to present you with The Rap Fundamentals E-Book, the first component of The Complete Rap Fundamentals Course!

Please read on...

In this e-book I reveal an important secret to get you over the hump of mediocre lyrics. As a matter of fact, the entire e-book was written in a specific order so that you can see the big picture and begin to show instant improvement!

Without understanding this often overlooked principle, it is literally impossible for an emcee to ever reach their maximum potential.

...and that is exactly why the Rap Fundamentals E-book was written...

No matter what problem you're having, this E-book covers it all!

If you play sports then you know that there are three stages of work that athletes must go through:

  •  Training, Practice, and finally, Game Time.

    It's the exact same way with emceeing!

    Consider Game Time to be when you perform a show, or step into the recording booth to rap.

    Consider Practice to be when you write your rhymes or freestyle.

    And finally, consider The Rap Fundamentals Course to be not only your Training Guide, but also your Trainer, as it is designed to help guide you step-by-step throughout your journey.

    Now let me tell you a little more about the e-book...

    (Below is a screenshot of just 4 of the 170 pages in this e-book)

    A very different kind of "how to rap book"...

    The Rap Fundamentals Instructional E-Book includes audio examples and plenty of screenshots that will help you with everything from developing rhythm all the way through mixing down and mastering your completed rap song from home! Important terms are also directly linked to a large glossary at the end of the book which will save you lots of time!

    Ask yourself..."Have you ever had trouble coming up with things to write about?"

    Your problem is probably that you don't know where to begin. By simply following the book as layed out, you will save time by cutting through all the initial confusion faced by new artists.

    Then, by the time you reach Chapters'll learn the time tested methods of writing effective verses, poems, stories, speeches and even good jokes, and combining that with the "rap song outline" we provide, will really bring you closer to creating a rap song you can be proud of!

    If you're a little more experienced, and your problems have to do with flowing and recording quality audio, then the Rap Fundamentals e-book is still exactly what you need!

    Never has an instructional guide gone so deep into the process of recording and mixing down a near professional-level rap record with only the use of simple software.

    The latter chapters of the e-book break down step-by-step the effects used on vocals by professionals and how you too can acheive the same results on your home computer!

    ...and most importantly...

    I know that for many of you, success in the music industry (whether underground or mainstream) is the ultimate goal.

    That's a great goal to have, however, you absolutely must be familiar with how the music industry works in detail before you can seriously believe you have a chance at becoming a successful rap artist!

    Unfortunately, the truth is that most aspiring MC's will never make it big, and it's not because they're not's because most of them can't fully visualize the entire music industry business model and how to make it work for them. After all, finding success in the music business requires more than just knowing how to make a rap.

    But don't worry...Chapters 13 & 14 clearly and simply explain not only how the music business works and all the ways artists and songwriters ultimately make money, but it also explains secret shortcuts (as well as necessary paths) that any successful artist must take in order to succeed.

    Below are just some of the things that you will learn from this e-book...

     You'll learn 13 ways of overcoming writer's block.

     You'll learn techniques for improving your rhythm that will improve your flow drastically.

     You'll learn all about similies, metaphors, multies, and well over a dozen other ways to improve the quality of your lyrics.

     You'll learn how to create a song outline (with examples) to make your song writing stress-free and easy.

     You'll get professional recommendations for setting up your home studio with anywhere from a
    $125 - $5,000 budget.

     You'll learn what the vocal effects that come with recording software do (Compression, EQ, etc), and how you can use them to create professional sounding vocals.

     You'll learn precise details of how the music industry currently works in an easy to understand way so that you can understand how to get signed and sell records either independently, through a major label or in many new innovative ways.

     You'll learn how to sign with ASCAP, get your album SoundScanned, and get it on the Billboard Charts simply and quickly.

    But that's not all you get when you pick up your copy of the Rap Fundamentals course!

    Also part of the complete package are these BONUSES...


    11 Exclusive J. River Beats + Exclusive Professional Song Template

    MC, beatmaker and hip-hop producer J. River has contributed to the Rap Fundamentals course by providing 11 exclusive beats as a bonus! I was in the studio while many of these beats were being layed down and I have to say they are absolutely fire! Plus, the song template allows you to complete a professional sounding rap song by simply adding one verse!

    << Click Play to sample some of the Rap Fundamental Beats.

    Special Report: 111 Places on the Net Aspiring MC's Must Be Familiar With

    This little report is nearly worth the cost of the course alone! In it you'll find layed out before you the 111 sites on the net that aspiring emcees and music fans in general must know. Included are the best hip hop sites, sites for MC Improvement, music sharing, social networking, distributing your music and much more!

    This is a very handy report that you'll be referring back to often.

    If you've heard enough and want your copy of the

    Rap Fundamentals course now, click below...

    Discount Code:

    If you'd like more details, here's a breakdown of the entire course...

    The Rap Fundamentals E-Book
    ($59.95 Value)

    Unlike some attempts by others to explain the rap game in the past, this e-book does not assume you are a child. I refuse to talk down to my readers and therefore, this book was written professionally, with the professional in mind.

    With that said, it is still a fun and simple read, and its tremendously useful content will make you want to read it twice...guaranteed!

    11 Exclusive J. River Beats + Pro Song Template
    ($99.95 Value)

    Having these exclusive beats to work with is easily worth 10 times the price of the entire course!

    J. River's excellent production abilities allow him to create beats in various styles that are great for freestyling at parties, freestyling in your car, recording demo's and more!

    Special Report: The 111 Places on the Net Aspiring MC's Must Be Familiar With
    ($29.95 Value)

    I guarantee that most people are not familiar with many of the sites featured on this list. Besides the well-known sites such as AllHipHop and Facebook this report breaks down more obscure but important sites like Songza and Discmakers into relevant categories for aspiring MC's.

    *Extra Bonus: Rhyme Dictionary Software
    ($29.95 Value)

    "American poet, Bryant H. McGill, has announced the release of a software rhyming dictionary derived from his award-winning McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme, which is used by over one hundred thousand writers, educators, students, aspiring poets, and songwriters from more than 100 countries, and stands as the world's most extensive rhyming reference ever created."

    Rap Fundamentals would like to include this free gift with your order.

    Here's what real people are saying about the Rap Fundamentals E-Book...


    Armageddon of The Terror Squad says...

    "Your e-book is well written and has definitely opened my mind to things I've never thought to explore in terms of rapping... just so you know, the book blew my mind because I couldn't believe the details you was like reading the kabbala or some type of holy hip hop scripture lol...we didn't have books like that when we were coming up..we learned a lot of techniques by accident and by studying eachother's flows...I just couldn't believe someone wrote a book about how to rap
    ha ha...good work man!"

    Ralph L. from Pennsylvania USA says...

    "I'm new to your site and really like the way you approach giving assistance. Every artist I've asked for help has said things like rap with more confidence, find your style, use emotion, etc... As if that turns on a light, oh I'll use emotion now, easy! Your guide gives more tangible advice that I feel helped me right away"

    Evan from East Amherst, NY, USA says...

    "[The E-Book] showed me everything I needed to know. Packed with information. A+"

    Daniele Guidi from Rotterdam, Netherlands says...

    "I'm still reading the book [but] so far everything's so accurate. I was already impressed when I read the 1st chapter that came as a promo. By reading the information I could sense that the author has been diggin' real deep in this art, that's the reason for such meaningful explanation that comes with the book; I repeat: EXPLANATION, not just lessons...This kind of [book]'s got to be in every library."

    Atanacio Perez from Bronx NY, USA says...

    "I like the part that teaches you rhyme schemes [Ch. 5] and also that I didn't have to have a dictionary in hand, I just click on the words which were new to me...I have become less timid when stepping up to the mic to freestyle...thanks for looking out."

    Alfred T. from NY, USA says...

    "Reading the book was very informative and it helped somewhat. I found the part where you talk about syllables to be the most useful."

    Nnabueze O. C. from USA says...

    "I just want to inform you that I purchased Rap Fundamentals...[and] I am satisfied. Being the voracious reader that I am, the book was the ultimate prize that I won. Mr. Bonett, thank you so much for exposing such material with a priceless value to people who are passionate about their art. Keep up the exceptional job."

    Tone from Lewes, DE, USA says...

    "Ahhh man this is great knowledge for upcoming people who want to achieve something whether it be professional or underground success. I found the developing your style section [Ch. 3] very useful. All of it makes so much sense...this is real sh*t my nigga."

    Ray from USA says...

    "Excellent eBook that has some very valuable information in it. Worth far more than it's price tag. I can see that a whole lot of blood sweat and tears went into creating that book and it was a very worthwhile purchase. I thought your style of writing was quite real, and I'm guessing that you built, or at least maintain the site yourself...What I am saying is that it seems to have a lot of personal touches which makes it a more credible read, as the product that you were selling actually seemed to be offering value rather than the other sh*t that's out there."

    Michael Ware from MS, USA says...

    "It's a very insightful and helpful guide...this can truly take someone over the top"

    Now I know some of you may be asking...
    "A book on how to rap? Is this really for me?"

    All I have to say to that is...

    Do you have a friend or mentor who will take the time to teach you the rap game? If so, will they do it for free?

    If not, do you really want to spend years tediously piecing together the fundamentals of rap music and the music industry?

    ...or would you rather take a day to read an interactive e-book and then jump straight to making music?

    One question I often ask myself to make sure I'm always progressing is:

    "What did you do yesterday that was really worth mentioning?"

    By picking up this course today, you will have an answer to that question by tomorrow, guaranteed!

    The decision is yours.

    [Visit our FAQ page for more answers to common visitor questions]

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of the Rap Fundamentals Course, simply email our support team within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund. All we ask is that you tell us why you were dissatisfied so that we may use your feedback to improve our products.

    100% Downloadable
    Another great feature of the The Rap Fundamentals Course is that it is completely downloadable, which means no paying for shipping! If you pick up your copy of the course right now, you can begin downloading it immediately!

    Have your product in minutes not days...

    Once you make your payment, you will be redirected to your download page as well as emailed a unique link with simple download instructions.
    Discount Code:

    Now ask yourself, how much is all of this worth to you?

    The Rap Fundamentals course including all bonuses is valued at $219.80! and is easily worth much more than that, but it was never my intention for visitors to pay full-value price.

    Because I understand that most aspiring MC's are on a budget,
    you won't even pay half that cost...not even one-quarter of it!

    The entire Rap Fundamentals Course sells for


    Because of this lingering economic recession, if you pick up your copy today,
    we'd like to thank you by discounting the entire course to
    just $29!!

    It can't get any easier.

    Learn to rap like the pro's and record rhymes you can be proud of!

    Get Your Copy Today!

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    Carlos Bonett
    Author & Site Administrator

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